Crucial Tools Services Ltd Forklifts for hire in kenya

Forklifts for hire in kenya, both short term and long term, cranes also available. We have both Diesel and Petrol propelled Forklifts to meet all your light cargo needs. Our forklifts ranges from 3tons to 16tons all available

Forklift Rental kenya

Daily forklift rentals in kenya. Alternatively long term forklift rental agreements on a new forklift could work out to month including full maintenance. Elite Forklift Rental also offers insurance at very competitive rates.

  • Forklift rentals from 1 day to monthly rentals at competitive rates
  • Alternatively you can rent over a 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 month period with full maintenance – very cost effective and no repair cost surprises
  • A full range of rental forklifts:
  • 1.5 ton through to 10 ton
  • Diesel, petrol/gas or electric
  • Reach trucks, pallet stackers, order pickers and other warehousing equipment
  • Range of lift heights for your particular requirement
  • Our fleet is in excellent condition and we pride ourselves on that
  • Delivered to you on time
  • Our forklift rental packages are flexible and tailored to your requirements.

Short Term Forklift Rental

1 Day to 1 Year

At Crucial Tools Services Ltd, we always strive to offer our clients service excellence and by trying to understand our customers’ operational needs we offer a range of forklift hire options to meet those needs on a short term basis.

We offer forklift rental agreements on a day to day basis or a month to month basis. The rates are very competitive, and include servicing and general maintenance.

Long Term Forklift Rental

12 to 60 Months

A long term rental is classified as a rental for a period longer than 12 months. There are two different options with a long term rental. One where the machine will return to Crucial Tools Services Ltd at the end of the period, and one where ownership of the machine passes to the customer at the end of the term. At Crucial Tools Services Ltd these are referred to as:

A Full Maintenance Rental Contract

This is broken into a finance portion and a maintenance portion. All maintenance of the forklift, at the correct service intervals, along with genuine parts, labour and call outs are included. At the end of the period, the ownership of the forklift will return to Crucial Tools Services Ltd.

A Full Maintenance Rental Contract with Ownership

This works in exactly the same way as the first option, but, as the name suggests, ownership of the forklift passes to you, the customer at the end of the term.

What’s included in long term forklift rentals?

The rental or FMC rates quoted include all services, maintenance and repair arising from fair wear and tear under normal operation. This includes all lubricants, filters, parts, cleaning materials travelling and labour required for the repair and maintenance of the forklift.

What’s excluded in long term forklift rentals?

Excluded are batteries, tyres, forks, fuel used, insurance and all damage due to collision, impact, misuse, mal-operation and negligence.

Forklift for Hire in kenya

Rough Terrain Forklift, Telehandler Hire Nairobi kenya from BPF Equipment

BPF Equipment (Dry Creek) can offer ;

  • Rough Terrain Masted 4X4 forklift hire
  • Conventional and Counterbalance Forklift LPG or Diesel
  • Telehandler hire
  • Forklift and telehandler Sales

BPF Equipment Rough Terrain Forklift Telehandler Hire Adelaide is a proudly kenyan business established in 2001 that has been supplying well maintained forklifts for hire across Nairobi for years.

We offer a range of value for money forklift rental options, which will suit most equipment users.

Why not hire one, they are maintained as part of the agreement and you will know your weekly cost – upfront, with no surprises.

We often assist our clients during an increase in your workload and when you really don’t want to buy a forklift?

Think of the benefits.

  • doesn’t tie up capital,
  • is 100% off balance sheet
  • and tax deductible!

Forklift for hire in kenya, Options – Conventional and All Terrain  Forklift and Telehandler Hire

1.5 Tonne – 7.0 Tonne Counterbalance LPG or Diesel or Electric
All Terrain Hire of 4×4 and 4X2 units
Telehandlers 4X4
Pallet Trucks
Hire Periods Available

Daily Hire
Weekly Hire
Monthly Hire
1 – 5 Years

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