One keypad transmitter can work with 999pcs pager in max

Keypad transmitter can set different partition from A, b, c, d, E, 0-9


1. With high strength ABS material cover

2. Using digital code technology and the function is steady

3. It can call 999 persons

4. With power on/off function

5. With Clear and Next function

6. Default first number is for counter number and last 3-digit number for customer number


Technical parameters:

Signal Range: >200m in open area

Working voltage: DC7.5-12V

Working current: <20mA


How does the Wireless Pager system work?


After the customer has ordered and paid for his meal, he will take the pager with him to his table.


When the meal is ready, and the staff can activate the pager via the number keypad, then the guest pager will beep in a subtle way, blinking and vibrating to notice the customer that the order is ready for pick-up.


Benefits of the system
With the system, Guests don’t need to queue for a long time to take their meal or to wait for other services. Meanwhile, when the order is ready, the waiter doesn’t need to call the guests loudly.
The system improves efficiency and service level, reducing labor costs and enhancing the restaurant’s image.


• No queues
• Less workload
• Ensuring guests’ circulation
• No loud number calling
• Better image
• Higher revenues
• Being quiet


 Customer will enjoy a wonderful experience 

  • The customers can walk or shop freely around the service area when his order is in preparing.
  • The customers don’t need to check the status of his order all the way, he or she just waiting for the alert from the handheld viabrator.
  • Avoid disturb other customers or waiters when he is waiting for his order.
  • Build a quiet, comfortable environment for customers.
  • The novelty will delight the existing clients and surely attract new customers.
  • Waiters will have more time to do other things.
  • It will help to avoid interruption during private moments.
  • … …

Redude Labor Cost and Crease Turnover Easily

  • Waiters will be more efficient.
  • Waiters will be less stressed.
  • Tables will be available faster.
  • Customers will like it so much and will come back.
  • Restaurant will sell more food.
  • Wireless technology for easy installation
  • Multiple servers work simultaneously without affect each other