Wireless coasters and pagers are a great way to maximize customer throughput at your facility.

Restaurant Wireless Round Type Coaster Guest Pager is convenient and portable. It is mainly used in restaurant: when the table is ready or meal is done, the waiter just need to press the corresponding number on the Keypad (transmitter), then the coaster pager will alert the customer by Vibrating/ Flashing/ Ring. (different languages can be freely customized)

When the customer return the pager back you can turn it off or you can put it on the charge base to charge until next time to use it. In this way, there is no more waiting line and the service quality can be improved accordingly. It can also be used in other places such as government offices, KTV clubs, banks, etc


1. Shows 4 calls at the same time;

2. Shows the service types;

3. Can rolling 30 numbers;